Brokerage Services



A business aircraft is one of the largest investments a company or individual will make in their lifetime so having an experienced company like CAI on your team who has done hundreds of aircraft acquisitions over its three decade history will ensure your success of selecting the correct aircraft to meet your companies requirements, paying a market price for a quality aircraft, and using our expertise in formalizing contracts, recommending maintenance facilities, negotiating discrepancies, filing security agreements & bill of sale, delivery, and closing. In our experience a first time aircraft buyer often pays more than market for what turns out to be a sub standard aircraft only to save paying our reasonable fee.

While the process of purchasing an aircraft seems quite simple on the surface the intricacies involved and the technical knowledge that only comes with years of buying and selling aircraft are invaluable to any prospective aircraft buyer. Most of our business is from repeat customers and referrals as they have had an opportunity to see first hand how our expertise has not only saved them money on the purchase price of an aircraft but also saved them from purchasing an aircraft that does not make the grade.