Justify Aircraft

Gain Knowledge, Gain Advantage

If you are looking for information describing what business aviation is or would like to justify the cost of business aviation for you or your company, the articles in our library can give you valuable insight and reasons why to own a corporate aircraft.

We have included information on how an aircraft brokerage company like CAI can assist in the sale, search and purchase of a corporate aircraft. The process is a lot more complicated than most buyers or sellers realize and requires intimate knowledge not only of the market place but the specific aircraft that a buyer is searching for or that an owner is selling. The selection of a pre-purchase inspection facility that specializes in the type of aircraft is particularly important as a buyer wants to be certain that all of the critical areas are inspected by an expert and the seller is not paying for the learning curve that is typical for a maintenance facility that does not have a lot of experience in the type of aircraft that is being inspected.

If there is other specific information you are looking please contact us at jp@caijets.com as we have hundreds of publications on business aviation in our technical library and if not available in house we will be able to locate what you are looking for through our various contacts in the industry.