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"David, I again want to thank you for selling my 1987 Malibu. Not only did you get my price but you sold it so quickly I was amazed. Less than 4 weeks after you started the ads it was sold. Thank you again, and the next time I want to sell an airplane I will call you and CAI.”

Billy, KY

"I've both bought & sold 3 airplanes through Corporate AirSearch International over the last 6 years. The experience has been consistently high during each transaction. Whether buying or selling, I always felt well informed. My time was always respected, which is important when you want to find an aircraft but you also to continue to run a business!

Whether you are doing transactions at $500,000 or $3,000,000 there are many facets besides the obvious. I have always been pleased with the excellent job of gently separating the personalities and emotions, then providing clear guidance to best facilitate a transaction. I have gotten and taken great advice from them over the years and without hesitation I recommend their professional services to others."

Tom Arnold
President & CEO - ADEXS
Chicago, IL

"I have worked with Corporate Airsearch, and J.P. Hanley, in particular for the past seven years. We purchased three of our seven Lears through them and they also sold our MU-2 for us. I have nothing but good things to say about their operation. They are knowledgeable and certainly trustworthy. On two occasions I had found a Lear 24 that I was interested in purchasing and wanted to use them as the broker. On these two different occasions they researched the aircraft and steered me away from these planes. As it turns out those were the correct moves. Had they only been interested in collecting a broker’s fee it would have been easy for them to broker these airplanes that I had brought to them and collect their commission. In both cases, we eventually found much better aircraft. I have come away from each transaction with Corporate Airsearch happy with the outcome and satisfied that I had received a very fair deal.

I not only recommend them but would encourage you to call me as a reference."

Mark C. Spatz
Air Cargo Express, Inc.
(260) 747-1963

"A pleasure to deal with, start to finish: professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. Corporate AirSearch Int’l was instrumental in sorting out the details of a complex sale and assuring a reasonable price, a transaction that required a lot of effort and reflects a commitment that goes well beyond expected levels of service."

Michael Rosenberg, MD, MPH
Health Decisions, Inc.
6350 Quadrangle Drive, Suite 300
Chapel Hill NC 27514
(919) 967-2399 x229
Fax 967-1145

"We sold our aircraft through Corporate AirSearch Int’l and were impressed with their level of professionalism and their ability to come up with solutions during the negotiation and closing process. An aircraft transaction is a lot more involved than most prospective buyers or sellers realize. It is important to hire a knowledgeable, experienced and customer friendly company, like Corporate AirSearch to save you from costly mistakes. We were very pleased with their service and look forward to doing business with them again."

Mike Parnell
Time Tool Inc

"Just a note to thank you for your efforts during the acquisition of our Cessna Caravan. As you know it is sometimes difficult to make arrangements from here in Madagascar so your efforts in coordinating the acquisition, the conversion to amphibious floats, the ferry flight here and the after the sale support was appreciated."

Dominique Prat
Prat Stationery & Gift

"Corporate AirSearch is thorough and dependable. CAI has always done what they promised they would do and they will bend over backwards to help you."

S.C. “Buster” Middlebrooks

"We do all of our aircraft buying and selling exclusively through Corporate AirSearch as we have learned by using another broker that took us to school that you need trust worthy representation when buying or selling an aircraft."

John McMenamin
Data Supplies