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J.P. Hanley publishes a complementary bi-monthly newsletter of market activities for this aircraft series.

It is through this medium that he will bring you up to date on recent transactions in the marketplace including basic aircraft configuration and actual current sales prices. A review of the historical data provides trend information helping you to become a more informed buyer or seller. J.P. would be happy to provide you with additional details whether you are considering a purchase or sale of a used TBM or even in the purchase of a new one. We can guide you efficiently through this process as we have on numerous occasions.

J.P.'s expert knowledge of this amazing aircraft has allowed him to be a principle remarketing or acquisition agent for a number of clients.

If you wish to have this newsletter emailed or faxed to you in advance of its publication here, you may opt-in at this link sign up, or if you prefer, contact JP by telephone at (561)433-3510 or via email.

Please be completely assured that any information provided to our company is in complete confidence. We do not and will not share any information you provide with any other company, person or entity.

Most of the following Newsletter issues are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you click on a link and receive an error message, Adobe Acrobat reader is a FREE download, without any registration requirements, that will enable you to view all recent Newsletters. This program can be downloaded at the following site: Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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